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Couples Retreat in Costa Rica | Couples Therapy | 2020

Psychologists of Costa Rica opens the possibility of couples retreat, about Couples Therapy. This brings three important aspects of couples therapy all together. When couples go through different stages or situations during marriage or relationships, the possibility of Therapy is in many cases a healer. It gives couples the opportunity to regain their relationship and turn it, not into what it was, but better.

Life, its faces, stages, and its responsibilities sometimes derails the relationship. Clinical Psychologists specialized in marriage, relationships and family are the hand possibility not only to remind the beginning, but put in perspective the future. In the basics the´re important aspects such as:


  • Why you fell in love?
  • Positive Aspects of each other
  • Reenforce positive communication
  • Two different minds are two different worlds now living together, growing together.
  • Build – IN. Try to be constructive.


Those are just basic points taking as guidelines. Sometimes couples are changed, influenced or shaken as a result of events of other family members, that is why it´s important to systemize and simplify the dynamic and work with it´s as individuals and as a whole piece. Because of the importance of returning to the essence of the couple, a retreat is the perfect opportunity to dedicate time to change it and improve it.

These are some of the topics that guide couples to seek Therapy. Although ideally Couples Therapy should be reached before some disagreements become a problem.


  • Communication Problems
  • Intimacy therefore Sexuality
  • Low or No Sexual Desire
  • Infidelity
  • Disagreements or fighting
  • Family Structure
  • Time managing
  • Distance from each other
  • Anger Issues
  • Divergent Goals
  • Betrayals
  • Difficulty in Forgiveness
  • Selfcenterness

A Retreat in Costa Rica


Although there will be time to get to know the retreats area and location. There will be an Enriching Schedule to make every hour count. You will regain not only your relationship but also self confidence to be a more achieving person in life. What better way of doing that than asa couple!

This retreats are programed for you to enjoy, relax and reconnect. It will give you no other responsibility than to take advantage of this Unique Experience as a couple. It will give you a chance as well.


  • 6 days, 5 nights
  • Delicious breakfasts included.
  • An hour spa massage.
  • One hour yoga.


* Chef prepared food, three meal dinning in the Premium Retreat.


Couples Therapy Counceling TEAM


All English spoken Therapist. Clinical Psychologist. All with a Masters Degree in Clinical and Couples Therapy. Wisely chosen by Dr. Carlos Bonilla C. as result of integral and deep investigation and use of tools and theories to get positive results and make this experience a life changer and enriching one.


Couples Retreat Location


Have you heard of Costa Rica? This beautiful country in Central America is the perfect location for a couple to reconnect and gain strength through therapy, activities and no distractions available. This piece of paradise offers Peaceful environment, Green Forests, Blue Beaches with white sand, Mountains and amazing sunset views. It is known as a Pura Vida land therefore a perfect location. ¡Now we want the Pura Vida in you as a Couple!


Join us in the opening Retreats for 2020!


Request Information Here:


Mountain Retreat


Couples Retreat | Costa Rica


Beach Retreat 


Couples Retreat | Costa Rica


Costa Rica – Pura Vida


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