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Donations for Therapy of People In Need • Donaciones para Terapia de Personas en Necesidad

Ok, here´s the deal, not all people have the ways to support a Individual Psychotherapy, they don´t even have it in their minds as a possibility, so, what were doing, is to give that opportunity to people who really needs it, not only in a presencial way, but online also, around the world. Awesome!!!, right?


Some people in depression, facing financial hardship, or having a psychopathology urgently need your support.


Donate to give life-saving protection to people who have families already in a precarious environment, like many places in Costa Rica, and around the world (for now, we just need them to have a way of transport (that´s $3 dollars in some cases) to get to one of our 7 Clinics in Costa Rica, or to have access to a internet connection so we can live chat, video chat or phone chat, with them. Well take care of the rest.


We can’t do it without the support of people like you. Please give what you can


As part of our worlds critical situation (as always… has been), healthy and not careless people like you can still donate in Psychotherapy as a opportunity to change the world, one person and family at a time. You can make a big difference to people in great need.


We have the knowledge and the feedback, the iniciative… what´s gonna be yours?

If you have any question, Call us at: (+506) 2271-5200




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