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Psychotherapists in Costa Rica | How to find the right and Trusted one

Psychologists in Costa Rica – Finding the right therapist is not easy. Doctors, associations and web portals help, but the chemistry must be right: Mutual trust and sympathy between therapist and patient are prerequisites for the success of psychotherapy. 


Dr. Carlos Bonilla – Psychoanalyst

Dr. William Buckley – Psychoanalyst   

Each day society suffers more from mental illnesses such as depression and burnout. At the same time, sufferers often have to wait long for an outpatient appointment with the right clinical psychotherapist. 

Getting social attention in mental health tends to take too long for an appointment, and this will change when people realice that this is a priority for health and society in general. So because of this, we put in disposition an Integral Psychology Clinic, that gives children psychotherapy, teenagers therapy, individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy. 

Request psychotherapeutic availability and credentials

The search in an industry telephone book can also give an overview of treatment offers in the immediate vicinity. Who is a psychotherapist, and what area do they work. 

In this Clinic, we offer not only a schedule from Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturdays from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, but locals in every point of GAM:

  • Curridabat,
  • Escazú,
  • Sabana,
  • Heredia Centro,
  • Barreal de Heredia,
  • Alajuela Centro and
  • Cartago Centro. 

The psychotherapists law states that only those may call themselves a psychotherapist, after a comprehensive education, and the license granted by the Colegio de Psicólogos de Costa Rica. When this job title is read on the practice shield, the therapist is adequately qualified to treat mental illness.

Clinical therapist in Costa Rica

This is also used because of the clinical view of the therapist. Patients can basically decide themselves to which professional group they want to address their problems – doctors or psychologists. 

Medical psychotherapists work more often on the basis of depth psysiological procedures. A small proportion have training in behavioral and cognitive therapy. Psychological therapists, on the other hand, are more often oriented towards behavioral therapy.

Forms of psychological therapy

For patients, it makes sense to think in advance whether they want to focus more on the past or better on the future in therapy. Those who would rather research the causes of today’s problems in their life history are probably in better hands with depth-psychologically – Psychoanalists – oriented therapists.” 

If it is more a question of solving specific problems, a behavior-oriented therapy could be preferred.

Psychosocial counseling centers

Anyone who suffers from a disorder that is less common in psychotherapeutic practice should contact a specialist with appropriate additional qualifications. Poïesis Group: Psychologists in Costa Rica can advise those affected.

Psychologists in Costa Rica | Grupo POÏESIS 

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